Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, questionable geekcake

Occasionally I come across a well made geekcake and have to think long and hard about whether or not to post it here.


Sometimes the original link site has material not family friendly. I have tried to make sure all my posts and linked sites are suitable for all. I think the topic of cake should always be all inclusive !

Sometimes the topic of the cake is something I just don't understand the logic behind - I found a topless Lara Croft cake once, and no I'm not providing the link. :D

Sometimes the inspiration for the cake is - well shall we say adult themed - like the Legend of the Overfiend cake I once found, and no I'm not posting the link to that one either. :P

Today's cake, is none of the above, but I do question the wisdom of making such a cake for a 4 year old.

Originally found on Geekologie

Grand Theft Auto (TM), is a well crafted, multi-series console game which deals with adult themes. It's always deal with adult themes. The creators revel in thier ability to make the game as edgy as they like with no fears of upsetting their intended adult audience.

The games official website frontpage has looped welcome messages. Some examples of which are:

Welcome to Liberty City: A social experiment gone terribly wrong.
Welcome to Liberty City: Where the American Dream goes to die
Welcome to Liberty City: Criminals and Degenerates welcome
Welcome to Liberty City: The center of the known universe, for egomaniacs
Welcome to Liberty City: Overpriced real estate in a cultural wasteland
Welcome to Liberty City: Great to visit, even better to leave

The "hot coffee mod"  caused a controversy in 2004,  but in reality the 'cut scene' did not siginificantly deviate from the style of authorised game play.

Please don't misunderstand me, I have no problem with adults playing any GTA game. The 
Video Game Rating Content system of all participaing countries seems to largely work, but it is deinately not a game for 4 year olds.!

Still, an most excellant geekcake don't you agree?

See you all on Friday !


Miriam Goldstein said...

Even the phrase "Legend of the Overfiend cake" hurts my brain. And my soul. AMAZING.

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