Friday, 1 August 2008

More Tux, and Guitar Hero

M1stque over on Flickr created a Tux cake for her partner:


She states: "He collects penguins and he's a big Linux-fan, so I didn't have to think hard on what I should make him ;)"

And a mighty fine Tux cake it is too!

This miniature 'axe was a random Google find.


If you have any information on it's creation I would love to hear from you, faintdreams[at]gmail[dot]com I like to think it's got liquorice in there somewhere to achieve all that black, but I have no idea.

That's all for today see you on Monday.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Linux is a free computer operating system that comes in many different flavours know as 'Distributions'.

Each Distribution has it's own logo / mascot, but Tux seems to be the default international cross-distribution Penguin mascot for Linux fans everywhere.

A Google image search for 'Linux Tux' gives more than 210,00 results, and shows the smiling (smirking?) Penguin in a many many guises.

Joseph Hall created a very impressive 3d rendition of Tux as a cake, and gives detailed step by step instructions for you to make your own. (All ten steps! From Step 1 - baking the base, to Step 10 - storage and transportation.)


He's almost too cute to cut into isn't he?

See you Friday !

Monday, 28 July 2008

Transformers... cakes are in disguise

Over at Technabob", a wonderfully crafted Transformer cake is showcased. Created for an incredibly lucky 5 year old boy called Evan, This Transformer cake features a very detailed sugar icing rendition of Optimus Prime.

Unfortunately I don't have nay details of construction or ingredients. I'd like to think it's Vam and Victoria Sponge underneath (in keeping with the red theme), but I guess I shall never know !

That's it for today. See you Wednesday!