Friday, 12 September 2008

iPod Geekcakes.

At mere seven years old, the iPod is the most well know portable branded MP3 player on the market.

This time line of the product evolution makes interesting viewing. Just to put it into some perspective, Google celebrated its' ten year old birthday this year.

I am not sure if it's the iconic silhouette adds, or the introduction of video playback , or their seamless photograph display, or just the Apple aesthetic, that makes it market leader..,

What I do know is that many an Apple/iPod loving geek chooses the familiar design to turn into geekcakes.


Over at the Ambermac's blog, are full instructions on how to make this quick beauty (complete with Britney playlist):


I found this shuffle over at The tech blog Gizmondo:


This one was created by the Pastry Chef Anne Heap over at The Pink Cakebox:


Every part is edible, even the earphones.

Finally this amazingly detailed iPod Touch can be found over on icruise's Flickr pages
(even thought the icons make it look more like an iPhone to me )


Thats all for this week. See you Monday .

Monday, 8 September 2008

Motherboard Geekcakes

The humble motherboard. Backbone of all computing devices everywhere, from the humble calculator to Nasa vehicles.

The (compact) motherboard as we know it today, only became possible during the late 80's. Only then, did it became possible (and economical) to fit the necessary microprocessors all onto the same flat architecture.

Wikipedia describes it thus:

The motherboard is the central or primary printed circuit board (PCB) making up a complex electronic system, such as a modern computer. It is also known as a mainboard, baseboard, system board, planar board, or, on Apple computers, a logic board, and is sometimes abbreviated casually as mobo.

Chorltan sent a picture to the TG Daily tech blog, of the cake that his wife made him for his birthday.


"My wife very cheekily baked me a motherboard cake for my birthday (sad, but true).

Sad? Methinks not! True geeklove I say :D

Over at the  Craftster forum, a member called 'letuescarpe' explained how she made her own motherboard birthday cake for her boyfriend:

This is kind of a cartoon representation of a motherboard. I wandered the candy aisles of the grocery store and CVS [US grocery chain] picking up different items to use. I got some wafer cookies for the RAM slots, an After 5 mint for the Intel chip... Rolos turned out to be especially useful.


Considering she seemingly picked the candy at random, I think she did a wonderful job. A very sweet rendition of a mobo if you ask me.

That's all for tonight.  See you Wednesday.