Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Gingerbread Chevrons? Stargate geekcake!

Spanning 10 seasons, from 1997 until 2007, and with a total of 213 episodes, AND three spinoff series, (Atlantis, Infinity, and Universe) AND  three direct to DVD features, it's difficult to argue against the success of the Stargate meta-verse. A certain generation of fans, may always associate  Richard Dean Anderson with MacGyverr, but his turn as Jack O'Neill, might just eclipse that.

Being a huge Stargate and RDA fan, the talented Polly Hawthorn (whom you might remember from Monday's post) decided to recreate the SG:1 team .. in gingerbread!  Polly calls her creation: 'The Starcake and SG:1(Special Gingerbread 1)' 


The base of each character is a gingerbread cookie, painted with icing of various colours and combined with a "few bits of fondant for the decorations on the uniforms and faces"


Polly explains how the actual Stargate section was created: " ..,  was constructed like a cookie, I baked two halves then glued it together with icing and cut out small pieces for the gate chevrons then I used orange jelly icing left over from a dalek cookie kit and some gummy sweets cut to fit for the orange crystals. The centre of the Starcake is tinfoil over a circle of card. "

Doesn't it look HUGE? I wonder how tall that stargate was...?

That's all for tonight folks, see you Friday!


morjana said...

That's just too cute for words. How clever. Thank you for sharing.

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