Monday, 22 September 2008

Do you know what this is? This is a dinosaur egg. The dinosaurs are breeding. Jurrasic Park geekcake.

I recently received an email from a very talented baker called Polly Hawcroft (aka PJ) who lives in London.

She sent me pictures of three of her current creations, two of which I shall share with you today.

Polly's mere description of the first cake makes me hungry..:

The Jurassic Park logo cake was something I made for a JP themed party I had to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the film's release in 2003 (can you tell I dig dinosaurs?). I christened it 'The Chaos Theory Cake' because it was a choc fudge cake, with buttercream in the centre which was also jam packed with all sorts of random jelly sweets and pick and mix. Then the whole thing was covered with ganache and then I made the fondant logo for the top, it was a bit wide and had to be supported by cocktail sticks! But, it was most delicious.


Hmmmm. Buttercream plus chocolate equals double tasty !

But, not to stop at one magnificant creation, Polly then went on to also recreate the Jurrasic park jeep:



In her email, Polly very helpfully outlined the creation of the Jeep:

The Jurassic Park Jeep was a basic choc sponge covered in fondant with decals that I printed onto rice paper using my inkjet...yup I was amazed it worked too though I'm not sure they were strictly edible they looked good! It wasn't the tastiest sponge I ever made but it looked damn spectacular.

Damn spectacular indeed! Those Liquorice wheels look good enough to out-run a confectionery T-Rex to me!

See you Wednesday, where I shall be showcasing another of Polly's creations !


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