Monday, 28 July 2008

Transformers... cakes are in disguise

Over at Technabob", a wonderfully crafted Transformer cake is showcased. Created for an incredibly lucky 5 year old boy called Evan, This Transformer cake features a very detailed sugar icing rendition of Optimus Prime.

Unfortunately I don't have nay details of construction or ingredients. I'd like to think it's Vam and Victoria Sponge underneath (in keeping with the red theme), but I guess I shall never know !

That's it for today. See you Wednesday!


DeKreeft27 said...

I run a bizarre zoology blog and one of my readers pointed me to your awesome site after seeing some pics of my wedding cake. It's not Nintendo or Cthulu, but its pretty solid zoology nerdatry, particularly given that it was for a wedding.

My apologies for putting this in the comments. Wasn't sure how to contact you otherwise.

- Andrew

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