Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Rubiks cube!

Invented in 1974 (yes really), the Rubik's Cube is a mechanical cube puzzle that swarmed the globe in the 1980's. Apparently it is the worlds official best selling toy with over 300 million having been sold worldwide to date. The current world record for a single solve in the fastest time, is held by Yu Nakajima of Japan. His lighting fingers solved a scrambld cube in 8.72 seconds.

I had several variations of the cube as a kid (Snake, Pyramid, Clocks), but none came close to beating the original elegant design of the original cube. Which is why todays cake made me smile:

Ribiks's Cube Ccake

Found over at Pimp That Snack (which is in itself a genius title), James Kemp gives detailed step by step instructions on how to create a tasty and colour accurate Rubiks cube cake.

I love the way it is shown alongside an actual Rubok's Cube for size comparison.

The cake was created with a simple Victoria sponge cake covered with coloured icing sugar., and is composed of three seperate layers. The following are just some of the ingrediants: 9 eggs, 18oz butter, 18oz self raising flour, 18oz caster sugar, 1 jar apricot jam. Apparently the most difficult part of the creation process was miking the black colouring just right for the icing.

Check out the original source for full creation instructions.

Apologies for the delayed posting, and see you all on Wednesday (tomorrow) !.


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