Monday, 4 August 2008

Lobster, lobster Rock !

There are many kinds of Geek, not just the gaming kind. Andrew Bleiman is a Zoology Geek and even got an unsual nickname because of it:

"Lobsters and I have a long history. When I studied abroad in Belgium in 2001, my Flemish friends dubbed me "De Kreeft" - The Lobster - in Dutch because I had a habit of snapping at them with metal tongs when they cramped me in our tiny shared kitchen. The name stuck and today I frequently feature them on my zoology blog. Huge kudos to my wife who took my lobster obsession and ran with it selflessly, as she is more of a Kate Spade girl than a crustaceaophile."

And when he say's his wife 'ran with it' he's not kidding. See below for the intricately detailed cake that the Lucky Andrew had for his wedding day - supplied by his wife-to-be Lillian:



Not only is it striking and unusual, apparently it was delicious as well!

"After the band and my bride of course, the cake was the hit of the wedding. At one point there was a line to photograph it and there are probably as many guest pictures of the cake as my wife and me. Not only did it look unbelievable, but it was filled with chocolate and peanut butter and was (apparently) so good that it was gone before I got to try it. People immediately helped themselves to seconds and it was gone in minutes."

I asked Andrew what the secrets behind it's creation was. He replied:

"I didn't help in making the cake so I don't know the secrets, but can say that "Sugar in the Raw" makes awesome fake sand."

So a big thanks to Andrew (and Lillian) for sharing their wedding cake pictures with the world. For more zoological anecdotes and info check out Andrew's blog here:

That's it for today see you Wednesday !

[minor updates and apologies.
I mispelt zoology through-out , and Andrew's Wife is calle Lillian not Kate, as I previously stated. Apologies to Lillian]


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