Monday, 21 July 2008

W.O.W. , and a trio of superheroes..,

Over at the 'Great White Snark' blog, the marvelous baking talents of Kathryn (from New Zealand), are shown off and explained in detail. Her trio of comic superheroes cakes and cupcakes are pictured below:

Superhero Trio Cake1 Superhero Trio2

Superhero Trio Cupcakes

Made with vanilla bean and yogurt cake features layers of berry filling and buttercream, and fondant detailing. Sounds Delish. The cakes were created to raise money, to help a friend of Kathryn's receive Breast cancer treatment. For full details check out the original post over at 'Great White Snark'

Sometimes I come across a gorgeous geekcake which unfortunately has no creator details. Below is one such cake, but it's W.O.W detail compelled me to post it.

WOW Cake

If you created or know who created this magnificent piece of bakery, then please contact me so I can give correct credit.

That's it for today. See you Wednesday!


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not sure whether you've seen this, but I thought it might be appropriate
mariocart cake

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