Monday, 6 October 2008

Academic Geekcake: The wonders of Chemistry

Lori over at the Clever Cake Studio blog, loves to experiment with the art of cake making:

"Since March 2008, I've been doing a cake almost every week to practice, learn, cry, recover, learn more, and make local supply shops rich. Here you'll find the results of each week's cake project as my little portfolio builds. Share in my relief and amazement each time a cake works out, and witness just how damn clever I have to force myself to be if things don't quite go as planned. "


Lori goes into detail on the cake creation:

"The book is supposed to be reminiscent of the CRC Handbook for Chem and Physics (87th Edition). It is for the birthday of an awesome chemical engineer at Nintendo.It’s made with white cake and chocolate filling. The red Erlenmeyer flash is raspberry with some raspberry liquor in the cake and preserves between the layers. The yellow acid bottle is, naturally, lemon cake with lemon curd filling. They are all covered in buttercream and fondant, and yes, the stopper in the acid bottle is a separate piece and can be lifted out."

Be sure to check out Lori's full gallery here, for plenty more fantastic (though not necessarily geeky) cakes.

I wish more cakes referenced textbook editions as inspiration. A true academia geekcake. Sounds delicious too.

See you Wednesday.


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